Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016!

Would it really be fall in Walt Disney World if you didn’t go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? I think not.

Until I started working for the Walt Disney Company, I had never attended a halloween party. Nor did I really know anything about them…So last year as a Disney College Program participant, I attended my first party! It was more than anything I had ever anticipated, so this year I made sure I was going again!

The first step after buying a ticket, was deciding on a costume for this year! Last year I went with my roommate Laura, and we were Woody and Buzz from Toy Story! So this year I wanted to mix it up. I was going to be attending the party with my friends Michelle and Ashley, so that made for a grand total of 3 people. Since one of our favorite rides to go on is the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros, it was only fitting we go as them!


Since it’s still rather hot out (and we were on a budget), we decided to go for more of a “Disney Bound” type of look, opposed to an all out costume. And since we went that route, we weren’t even entirely sure people would understand who we were trying to represent! Since I was representing Donald Duck, I was the most recognizable. But to our surprise, people really loved our costumes! Some cast members even said they’d never seen anyone go as the Three Caballeros! It felt really good to feel a little unique at such a major Halloween party.

And since we were the Three Caballeros, who else would we meet other than the #1 duck himself?


Donald was so cute when he saw us in line, he was blowing us kisses and drawing hearts in the air! Daisy even got a little jealous…Then when it was finally our turn to meet them he ran right up to us! We had such a fun meet and greet with them.

Thankfully it only rained very briefly right at the start of our party, unlike last year when it had rained almost the entire time! We spent a lot of time meeting characters, so once we were done with that we watched the Hallowishes Fireworks. We also decided to watch the 2nd parade, and the final Hocus Pocus show at midnight!


This party was just as fun as last year’s! And since I now work in Magic Kingdom, I also get to work that Halloween parties! So that means I still get to see the fireworks and shows on a weekly basis! If you’re ever on the fence about attending a Not So Scary Halloween Party, I would highly recommend it!


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