Cool for the Summer

So I’ve been a Photopass Photographer for about a year now, and this summer I decided to switch things up! Now don’t worry, I’m not leaving Photopass. I am, however, abandoning the Magic Kingdom for the summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love working on Main Street USA, and truly being in the center of all the magic. But after a year of it, it can become pretty taxing. I’ve also become very frustrated with Photopass. There are certain areas of Photopass that require special training, aka a “specialty.” When those spots become available you put your name on a list, and hope for the best. After a year of waiting, and putting my name on multiple lists, I’ve become quite tired of the same disappointment. So when a different kind of list dropped for the summer, I pounced at the chance. So where will I be keeping cool this summer?

None other than the Disney Waterparks! Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard beach will be my homes for the summer! So now not only have I worked at all four main Disney Parks and Disney Springs, now I’ve worked at both waterparks too!

I’m definitely excited for the change of scenery and change of pace this summer. After the frustration of still not being selected for any specialties, I needed to escape the kingdom for awhile. I’m hoping this time away will be a good refresher for me as a Photopass Photographer.

Typhoon Lagoon


So come splash with me in the waterparks this summer!


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