My First Youtube Video

I officially made my very first youtube video! I thought this would be a great way to document my experience, other than just my blog or photos. In my first video I include a small introduction of myself, as well as talking about my acceptance story! “Vlogging” is something I’ve never really done, but I’m excited to give it a shot! Overall, I hope you enjoy my very first video!



So I’ve been accepted, and I don’t think I can say this enough, but I’M SO EXCITED!!!



So what could I possibly be complaining about you ask? I’m so excited, that my impatience levels have skyrocketed...I started a countdown on my phone, and I keep hoping that every time I look at it, the numbers magically go down. Obviously, that’s not going to happen. So here I am, 4 months, and 25 days away from check-in day for the Fall 2015 Disney College Program. I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Currently I’m on the roommate hunt. There are tons of DCP groups on Facebook, which makes it really easy to find other program participants with the same arrival date as me! Currently I’m talking to 2 separate groups of girls, both of which I really like! So right now I’m really just trying to get a sense of both groups. Either way it looks like I’ll have 5 roommates, bringing us to a total of 6! I currently live in a house off-campus at my University with 5 roommates, so for me it really won’t be much of a change!

One thing I really love about meeting other program members online is that fact that we are all equally excited! It’s only been a couple of days and I can already tell my friends are pretty done hearing about my excitement, my plans, basically anything DCP. Honestly, I can’t blame them though. It’s hard to understand my level of excitement when you’re not going through the same thing. One positive is that I always know I can talk to my mom about it! She’s probably even more excited than I am!

Besides being overly excited and highly impatient, I’ve also started working on my packing list. Just some background on myself: I’m from Chicago, but I go to school at The University of Iowa, so obviously I’m not living at home. The reason I’m concerned about a packing list is because once school and my house lease ends on August 1st, I need to move back home. I’ve lived full time in Iowa for the last 3 years, so this will be no simple move. So first I need to pack, and move back to Chicago. Then once I’m there, I will have a couple weeks to pack what I need for Florida. Then before I make my way to Orlando, I need to pack up the rest of all my things, because while I’m in my program, my family is moving to Colorado!!! Basically what I’m saying is, is that I have a lot of moving in my future. It’s going to be stressful. So for me a packing list, and a very specific one at that, is essential.

I know I’m probably getting way ahead of myself here, but that’s just my personality. I’m a planner, and I really like to be prepared! Especially when it comes to living situations and moves. So for now, I’ll just check my countdown app for the millionth time today, and keep dreaming of Disney!


Disney College Program Acceptance!

I am so proud that I was accepted into the Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida! I will be working a merchandise role in the Fall 2015 program!


My application process felt like a whirlwind. I debated applying 2 years ago, but at the time it just wasn’t in the cards for me. So I moved on, and almost forgot all about the program thinking that I wouldn’t be able to fit it into my life plans and schedule. Last week, that all changed. While at work, I was researching internships for my post-grad career, and the DCP popped up! Previously it was not open to graduating seniors, but after I looked deeper into it, I was still eligible!

Because I stumbled across it so randomly, it was already in the last week of open applications! I applied right away on March 15, 2015. From there, everything happened so quickly! That same day, after my initial application, I received an email letting me know that I had moved on to the web-based interview! I was so ecstatic! But then that excitement quickly turned into nerves! Before I jumped into the web-based interview, I hopped online and with the help of my mom, we researched, researched, researched! I can’t stress that enough. We researched so much. Then once I felt more confident, I just dove in and went for the web-based interview!

The scary thing with the web-based interview is that you know immediately following the interview whether or not you will be offered a phone interview. Lucky for me, I got it! My mom and I screamed, we were so excited. Then within a few minutes, I received my email to schedule my phone interview! Keep in mind that this had all happened in one afternoon! Lucky for me again, I was on my spring break so I had all the time in the world to schedule a phone interview! So I scheduled mine 2 days later on March 17, 2015 at 11:15am.

Those 2 days were spent researching, and researching even more! As a graduating senior, this was my absolute last chance to apply for the program. There would be no second, or even third chance. This was it. I took copious notes and gave myself bullet points on things I’d like to talk about if I was given a particular question, and had it all laid out in front of me when I had my interview. Then I got the call!

Post phone interview, I felt fantastic! I felt like I really touched on all the points I wanted, and I felt like my interviewer was very receptive to me. I was beyond thrilled. But next was the worst part, the waiting game. From my research it seemed like most people heard back anywhere from 1-3 weeks after their interview. I was so amped up, I couldn’t wait that long! Lucky for me, I didn’t have to! My interview was March 17th, and I heard back on March 20th! Needless to say, I called my mom immediately and we were both screaming into the phone!

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 3.00.36 PM

I am ecstatic to have this opportunity, and the chance to live in Orlando, Florida for several months! Definitely a nice change from the midwest! I couldn’t believe I was accepted the first time applied, and I am so thankful Disney believes in me, and accepted me into the program! I can’t wait to get down there, I started a countdown on my phone! It all happened so quickly, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Falling into Disney

Welcome to my blog! I was a participant in the Fall 2015 Disney College Program, with a role in merchandise, and extended into my same role to the spring of 2016. My goal for this blog is to share my thoughts, experiences, and tips as a cast member and your everyday Disney lover!

I chose to name my blog “Falling Into Disney” because I participated in the Fall Disney College Program. I was never one who had their sights set on having a career with The Walt Disney Company, but the opportunity “fell” into my lap, and I haven’t looked back since!

Be sure to also check out my YouTube page and Instagram, and feel free to leave comments, or send me any messages!  Thanks for visiting my blog!