Goodbye Magic Kingdom?

As you might know (or if you didn’t), I’m a part-time Photopass photographer at the Magic Kingdom! It’s been almost a year now of calling the Magic Kingdom my home, and not much has changed…until now!

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.01.59 PM

Coming up in the near future (early July to be exact), I’ll be trading in one kingdom for another! After almost a year of waiting, I’ve finally received full-time status as a photographer at Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom is the one park I really haven’t worked at. I had one (very short) shift a few months ago, and ironically enough, I had picked up a shift there last week before I knew I would be transferring! I’m still going to have to go through a couple of “training” days once I officially transfer, but I treated that shift like a crash course before my move really happens! I even got to work with my boss!


One of the things I find funny is, over a year ago when I was first becoming a Photopass photographer, Animal Kingdom was my number one choice to be placed at. Obviously, that didn’t happen. I wound up at Magic Kingdom instead, and was absolutely dreading working on Main Street USA. It was the absolute last place I wanted to be, especially coming from working at a relatively smaller resort (Art of Animation). Who knew a year later, I’d consider that spunky street my home, and would be heartbroken to leave it…

The excitement and weariness keep coming in waves. I’m currently very happy working at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach this summer, and it saddens me that I won’t ever be making an “official” return to Magic Kingdom. But full time status is what I’ve been holding out for, so I’m excited to have finally gotten it! If there’s one thing about working for Disney, it’s that you really need to put in the time to work your way up. You won’t be on the fast track working for such a global company.

No matter the doubts, I’m still excited for this new chapter in my Disney career. Hopefully one day soon(er) I can make another step up the ladder, or who knows! Maybe it’s not my future to work for the mouse forever. But for now, my adventure is still out there!


Poncho’d & Afraid

We finally got caught in a huge down pour in the parks! Tropical Storm/Hurricane Erika is headed our way, and managed to cause one of the monorails to lose power!

Before it started to really come down hard, I already had a rain coat. But as the rain got stronger, I gave in and bought the Disney poncho. My reasoning? My coat may have been waterproof, but my backpack? Not so much. I had just made a purchase that definitely couldn’t risk getting wet, so I surrendered and bought myself a poncho.

From there we hit the monorail, only to have it lose power, and have to transfer to another. Then the trek to the car began! Poncho’d and afraid, we ultimately conquered our fears, and basically swam back to the car. Definitely a memorable adventure!

Roommates & Magic Kingdom

Finally made it to Magic Kingdom! My roommates and I finally all had a night off that we could go explore the parks together! Being a failure of a vlogger, I didn’t realize how zoomed in my camera was…whoops! But despite that, enjoy a glimpse into our night all together!

The only pitfall of the night was when I got my traditions hat embroidered. Unfortunately the machine goofed up the lettering, so I lost my original hat, and they had to replace it. It really was a major bummer to lose my original had that I pulled out of the red box in traditions, but I’m happy that they at least replaced it. (I plan to just pretend it never happened.)

In work news, I’m getting closer to earning my ears! I love all my coworkers, and I can already tell I’m going to love having my home as the Art of Animation Resort. I can’t wait to see how my DCP adventure unfolds!